10 Feb 2010


Walden Guitars has launched a range of FSC-certified acoustic guitars that will enable guitarists to make purchasing decisions based environmental as well as cost factors.

The FSC-certified MADERA guitar range will be built with 100% FSC-Pure certified tonewoods such as Sitka spruce, Western Red cedar, and South American ‘True’ mahogany.

Walden GuitarsWith an FSC Chain-of-Custody certification, all woods on the MADERA are tracked from forest to finished instrument thereby guaranteeing its sustainable origins.

“We all share the same world and we all need to do our part to be a part of the solution and ensure we live in a sustainable way,” says Jonathan Lee, Chief Designer behind Walden guitars.

“Ecologically friendly products are in high demand but sustainable-wood acoustic guitars are rare and expensive.

“‘Green’ acoustic guitars made by ethically run factories in Mainland China do not exist; until now.

“Obtaining certification and building with FSC-Pure materials is the only way we can be sure that we are honestly obtaining woods from responsible sources.

“However, these sources are rare at this time. It is my hope that demand for these instruments will aid in certifying more forests around the world and make sustainable living commonplace.”

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