31 Mar 2011


The Sound & Fair campaign has been granted an FSC® license to allow it to utilise the FSC trademarks to promote the use of certified sources of wood in the music industry.

FSC trademark licenses are typically only awarded to non-certified organisations or companies that sell-on FSC labeled products to the general public (not to trade).

However, Sound & Fair’s FSC license (FSC N001630) facilitates the campaign’s work in developing and promoting a chain of custody for FSC-certified African blackwood that so far includes:

six community-managed forest villages in Tanzania;
– one Tanzanian sawmill – Sandali Wood Industries;
– one UK wood importer – Klicksi Ltd;
– one woodwind instrument manufacturer – Hanson Clarinets.

Two other woodwind instrument manufacturers have so far placed orders for FSC-certified African blackwood – Mollenhauer (recorders) and Loree (oboes) – although they are not yet FSC-certified themselves and will not be able to market any instruments they make as FSC-certified.

However, Sound & Fair recognises such orders as crucial in expanding the market for FSC-certified African blackwood and delivering revenue to forest-dependent people in Tanzania.

Footnote – companies that manufacture or label FSC products or who sell to trade require FSC certification, the certification includes a licence to use the FSC trademarks.