17 Oct 2012


The world’s first FSC® 100% oboe was showcased by Nicholas Daniel at a series of concerts earlier this month at Kings Place, London.

The oboe has been made by French manufacturers, Marigaux, using FSC 100% African blackwood sourced on sustainable, fair trade terms from community-managed forests in Tanzania.

Nicholas Daniel said: “To hold in my hands the first ever fairly-traded, environmentally-sound oboe, made by the wonderful team at Marigaux, felt truly historic.

Surrounded by the ancient oak stage and fittings at the beautiful Kings Place Concert Hall, I was very aware how many people have given years of their lives to work towards this precise point in time, and what a wonderful leap forwards from Marigaux this is.

The instrument feels absolutely beautiful to play, free and resonant, and beautifully balanced. Even though it’s brand new, I was happy to perform three pieces over two nights on it in my Curated Series at Kings Place.

I have a beautiful new oboe and I can say, with absolute certainty, that its production and sale has helped people in Africa.

I feel passionately that we should never be making music at the expense of some of the poorest people on earth”

Renaud Patalowski, Marigaux President, said: “our recently secured FSC chain of custody provides Marigaux with the right direction for the future.

“Everyone in the company is driven towards using, and giving to the musicians, the best quality of wood available, in terms of both quality and ethics.

“Our goal in the coming years is to deliver all our African blackwood instruments with FSC 100% wood.”