23 Mar 2010


Klicksi Ltd, a UK wood importer, has recently become FSC-certified, so adding a vital link in the African blackwood chain of custody.

Klicksi are FSC-certified as members of the Oxford Timber Audits Group Chain of Custody scheme (certificate number: SA-COC-001654 HD).

Klicksi Managing Director, Salim Fazal said: “At Klicksi Limited, we have always believed that as humans, we are the custodians of our environment, natural and social. As we interact with this environment, it is our responsibility to do it in the least harmful possible way.

“As a commercial entity, holding the FSC certificate was a way of ensuring our customers that we have been adhering to a common framework that ensures environmental, social and economic amelioration at the village/harvesting level, cleaner production technology implementation, with strict emphasis on health and safety at the work place.

“It is a guarantee that the product purchased on the market has followed a strict chain of custody.

“Through being a partner of Sound & Fair Campaign we hope to convince the different partners involved, manufacturers and finally end consumers that FSC is the only way forward in a world where natural resources become scarcer and scarcer, to appeal to their conscience as custodians of the environment.

“But above all, we hope to convince them that even on a commercial point of view FSC is still profitable and viable as it does not necessarily entail substantial higher costs of production.”

Klicksi are currently the sole distributors of FSC-certified African blackwood worldwide.

For more information on purchasing FSC-certified African blackwood, please contact:

Salim Fazal – salimfazal@klicksi.com / +44 (0) 7720 294 786