8 Apr 2011


UK clarinet manufacturer Hanson has made a commitment to produce all of its woodwind instruments from FSC-certified African blackwood by 2013.

Speaking at the Musikmesse conference in Frankfurt earlier today, Hanson Co-founder, Alastair Hanson said: “FSC-certified African blackwood is the future for the woodwind industry.

“Without certification, sustainable harvesting and responsible use, there won’t be any wood left for our industry to use in the near future.

“Loosing African blackwood would be a tragedy for music and for Tanzanian people who rely on the forests for income.

“I hope that Hanson’s lead on this issue will encourage other instrument manufacturers to adopt sustainable practises.”

In January 2011, Hanson launched a clarinet made from FSC-certified African blackwood, the first woodwind instrument of its kind.

Hanson are currently running down their stocks of non-FSC wood, a process that should be complete by 2013.

All future purchases of African blackwood will be made solely from FSC-certified sources.

Watch BBC News video of the FSC clarinet