12 Feb 2011


A large harvest of FSC-certified African blackwood has recently taken place in Kilwa District, Southern Tanzania.

The harvest took place under FSC conditions in Kikole, Kisangi, Liwiti and Nainowke Village Land Forest Reserves, with a total of 91 cubic metres of wood sold for £5,500.

In addition of African blackwood, a number of other wood species were harvested including Julbernardia and Pterocarpus angolensis (also known as Bloodwood for its red colour).

The timber is now on its their way to Sandali Wood Industries sawmill in Tanga, the only FSC-certified sawmill in Tanzania, where they will be processed for export.

This major harvest significantly increases the supply of FSC-certified African blackwood and will yield the kind of quantities required to meet the demand requirements of the major woodwind manufacturers.

Having registered their land under FSC conditions, the people of the villages will receive 100% of the revenue for the wood sold to Sandali Wood Industries.

This compares to the prospects of earning piecemeal rates for helping loggers extract the wood from the forest, prior to FSC-certification.