24 Sep 2010


The Sound & Fair campaign recently passed a major milestone when the first batch of FSC-certified African blackwood was delivered to Hanson Clarinets in Yorkshire.

The timber has undergone a remarkable journey on it’s way to being manufactured into the world’s first FSC-certified woodwind instruments.

Originating from sustainably managed, villages forest reserves in Southern Tanzania, the timber was processed by Sandaliwood Industries in Tanga, Tanzania, imported by UK timber distributor, Klicksi Ltd, before being delivered to its final port of call at Hanson’s manufacturing facility in Marsden in the Yorkshire Pennines.

FSC-certified African blackwood billetsEach of the partners in the supply chain are FSC-certified, ensuring that the provenance of the timber can be traced back to source and providing the final consumer with an assurance that their instrument originates from a sustainable and ethical source.

The community members of the first village forest reserves to harvest African blackwood under FSC received an income increase of 40,000% over what they would have previous received.

This huge income increase is due to communities having full resource rights over their forest under FSC whereas before they could only earn tiny fees from helping loggers remove trees from their area.

Hanson Clarinets hope to launch the world’s first FSC-certified clarinet before the end of 2010.