7 Jul 2010


The Sound & Fair campaign took a major step forward at the end of June 2010, when a batch of the world’s first FSC-certified African blackwood was processed at a Tanzanian sawmill.

FSC-certified African blackwood logs being cut

The timber was cut into woodwind instrument billets at Sandali Wood Industries, Tanga, ahead of importation to the UK by Klicksi Ltd.

FSC-certified African blackwood marked for woodwind billet processingOn arrival in the UK, the timber is destined for use by Hanson Clarinets, the UK’s largest clarinet manufacturer, who are aiming to launch the world’s first FSC-certified woodwind instrument in early 2011.

FSC-certified African blackwood being cut into woodwind billetsTogether with the Tanzanian Village Forest Reserves, certified under a FSC group certificate held by Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative, Hanson Clarinets, Klicksi and Sandali Wood Industries comprise the world’s first chain of custody for African blackwood.

FSC-certified African blackwood billetsAfter harvesting in the Tanzanian Village Forest Reserves under FSC environmental and social guidelines, the African blackwood is kept separate from non-FSC timber at all stages of the chain of custody.

The end result will be a musical instrument available for purchase with a 100% environmental and social guarantee.