26 May 2011


Musicians performing at the Sound & Fair Concert in Cambridge on Saturday 28th May will be modelling a unique range of jewellery made from Tanzanian African blackwood and embedded with fair trade Malawian pink rubies and recycled gold.

The jewellery has been made by Candescent, a creative design platform with an interest in sustainability and the environment.

The jewellery will be modeled by Lucy Payne, a clarinettist, and by Kathryn Stott, a pianist.

Both musicians are performing on behalf of Sound & Fair at West Road Concert Hall on Saturday 28th may 2011.

The concert marks the culmination of the Comic Relief-funded, Sound & Fair campaign to realise a sustainable trade in African blackwood.

As well as the first public viewing of the jewellery, the concert will showcase the world’s first FSC-certified woodwind instrument made by Hanson Clarinets.

Tickets are still available for the Sound & Fair Concert, featuring Sound & Fair Patron, Nicholas Daniel, and the Haffner Reed Trio.

After the Sound & Fair, the African blackwood jewellery will be featured as part of London Jewellery Week in conjunction with Jewellery Connection:

Candescent ‘Africa East’ Collection@ London Jewellery Week 2011
9-12th June 2011
Victoria House
Southampton Row
London WC1B 4DA