15 Sep 2011


The Africa East jewellery collection by Candescent will be exhibited at Ecoluxe London during London Fashion Week later this month.

The collection comprises sculptural pieces hand carved out of lustrous African blackwood, including a ring, pendant, earrings, brooch and bangle.

The pieces are imbued with pink rubies and 18ct gold.

The collection Africa East is so called as the African blackwood is sustainably harvested in Tanzania and the fair trade rubies are sourced from Malawi.

The collection evolved from a recent Candescent project, where founder and designer, Tanya Bowd, collaborated with Sound & Fair to celebrate the recent Forestry Stewardship Council®(FSC®) certification of the African blackwood forests in Tanzania.

Normally used in the making of oboes and clarinets, a concert showcasing instruments crafted from FSC African blackwood featured alongside the Africa East jewellery collection, worn by the classical musicians.

FSC-certification ensures that forest dependent people in Tanzania now benefit directly from their natural resources whilst protecting the environment.

The pink rubies are from a fair trade mine situated on the summit of Chimwadzulu Hill in southern Malawi, and are of a rare quality, being naturally radiant and untreated.

Eco gold is used to add luminosity and contrast to the beauty of the wood, true to the Candescent name.

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